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We have yoga, visual music synchronicity, fashion, ooo! If you miss getting on the schedule here, just check the board that will be outside the Hive (clock included!) and write in your event.

This just scheduled: check out this visual music synchronicity and then come see it on the big screen Friday night at 8:30!

New Events…

Friday night Camp B3 brings you Nobody on the Thermin, warming up the crowds for Porn-aoke and Titty Bingo! This is the real stuff here, no teasing.

Stay tuned for yoga class schedules, late morning-ish for all you early risers.

Strut Your Stuff at The Hive

It’s early April, and we’ve already booked the stage for some full-on fabulousness! Get your frocks, your boots, your unicorn hats ready for action on Saturday night with the Burning Glam fashion show at a fashionable dark-thirty (a.k.a. 8:30). Then, hold on to those panties—Miss Stacycats, the creator of Miss Black Rock City and its affiliate pageants, is coming out of retirement to host Miss Flipside 2013. You read it here first! See the art and events tab for more events as they come up, and reserve yours soon. Planning is the new expression of radical self-reliance.

2013 kickoff meeting

We’ll be having our first meeting of the 2013 season on February 17 (Sunday), 4:00 PM, at Epoch coffee shop.

Hive art print

Hot off the presses, this art print is for some of our contributors. Designed and printed by Gwen.

Fundraiser Party

The Hive Project would like to invite you to a fundraiser party.

When: Sunday, October 30, 7-11 PM

Where: Butterfly Bar (at the Vortex Theater), 2307 Manor Rd


Home from Flipside and at least somewhat rested, I am happy to report that the Hive Project was a complete success. I’ll admit that I was worried after our test build, which didn’t go according to plan, and which did make me realize in a visceral way just how big the thing we were building really is. Seeing it in its finished state for the first time was an emotional moment for me.

Getting it set up was harder than we were counting on—a lot harder. It’ll be easier next time. We also had to have the tower lifted to its full height by a forklift. I’ve got some ideas for accomplishing that using manpower.

Once it was set up, it was rock solid. The rigid members didn’t budge. The canopies showed very little luffing in the winds (which, admittedly, never got very strong), and we were able to cinch them down just right.

People got it—they went there for yoga classes, poi workshops, to play music, to hang out.

I’ve got ideas for improvements next year, but those will wait.

Other views:
FlipSide2012 34
At night, by Scott Mauer

Ready for the lift, by Marie Carmel

During the lift, by Karen Pittman

Tower up, by Marie Carmel


Bill has completed the stage. Here’s a shot that reveals some of the inner construction, and shows how it will look set up. It’s three 4×8 modules, about 20″ tall.

Hex ring detail

This illustrates a tricky joint in the structure, and nicely demonstrates the thoughtfulness that Karen brought to its design.

The tube rising up at an angle, which is the backbone (technically known as a “doo-lolly”) of a roof truss goes through the top plate, and has a welded-on “toe” (these toes being the only welded joints in the entire structure) running horizontally. This is pinned in place by a bolt that runs through the top and bottom plate. The horizontal members, which make up the hex ring forming the base of the roof, are also bolted to the top and bottom plates.

The way we assembled this was to slide the top plate over the doo-lolly, then bolt it and the bottom plate to the toe. We then raised all the trusses into their intended position and bolted on the hex-ring members.

The plates, which were all designed by Karen and custom made by a watercutter, have holes that will be the anchorages for cables supporting the canopy system.

Cupola dome test assembly

We assembled the cupola dome, the roof of the central tower. This is the most complicated part of the entire pavilion, and it went together really smoothly. Seeing it come together was a big moment in our build process.

We’re having a test build of the whole structure on Sunday. I’m taking this as a this is a positive sign. There are still a few important things to do before then, and there are still a few things we’re saving until after then, but I feel like we’re in pretty good shape.